Session 5

Watch this Core Data

Session Materials


There were significant improvements made to Core Data and watchOD in iOS 11. If you are consulting online resources, make sure that they are current. The biggest changes were to the Core Data stack and to background modes on watchOS.

Core Data

Apple Watch


Assignment 4 will have two parts. The overall goal of this application will be to build a fitness watch app that stores data using Core Data. The app will keep track of users activity, share the activity with the HealthKit framework (so they get credit in their activity rings), and to display the data on their companion iOS app.

The biggest challenge in working with Apple Watch is to manage communication between the watch and phone. We will focus on that in next week’s class. In the meantime, please complete the following tutorials so that you are comfortable with working with CoreData and simple watchOS functionality. Note that there are some additional features to implement.

Due Date

Assignment 3 is due May 7, 2018 at 5:29pm. Use the assignment repo to submit your assignment.