Session 2

Welcome to iOS Development (Class Edition)

Session Materials



In this weeks assignment, you will follow the iOS Apprentice Getting Started tutorial from The iOS Apprentice is a book series published by the site that walks you through making four apps. They make the first app tutorial available as a free download if you sign-up for their newsletter. You will find out soon enough that you will be visiting this site very frequently and the newsletter subscribing to the newsletter is worth your while. If you have any troubles downloading the tutorial, please see the forum.

For this assignment, you should follow the tutorial through “Polishing the game”. Do not continue to “Adding the About screen”. Of course, you may complete the entire tutorial, but you are only required to complete “Polishing the game”.

This tutorial is very thorough and you should learn a lot. There will be parts that you may not understand, but just work through them by following the directions. Once we are back in class, we will be going over everything so you understand what you what doing.

As part of this assignment, you should properly comment your functions and variables Please see the “Documenting Swift Code” references above.


The application should compile with no errors or warnings and perform all described behaviors. The comments do not have to be unnecessarily verbose.

Due Date

Assignment 2 is due *July 5th, 2017 at 5:29pm.