Session 2

The Anatomy of an Application

Session Materials



In this assignment you will create an iPhone application with a single UIViewController and several standard UIKit objects. A UIScrollView will be used to display a UIButton and UIImageView on each “page”. This assignment will combine storyboard and programmatic interface design.

Project Setup

Model and Data

let name: String
let species: String
let age: Int
let image: UIImage
let soundPath: String
> Animal Object: name=?, species=?, age=?, image=?

Application Behaviors


Tip: Note that the `contentSize` is an example of a property can only be modified programmatically (not in Inteface Builder).


Note: You will need to find (or make) and add the appropriate resources files for the sounds to your project.

Application Icon


Please attribute any online resources your used in your code using the following formats. For documentation code:

/// - Attributions: the source

For inline comments:

// - Attributions: the source


The application should compile with no errors or warnings and perform all described behaviors. Use best practices when commenting your code. Feel free to explore additional properties for the controls to improve the appearance of the application.

Due Date

Assignment 3 is due January 26, 2017 at 5:29pm. Please commit your code by then.