Session 2

The Anatomy of an Application

Session Materials



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In this assignment you will create an iPhone application with a single UIViewController and several standard UIKit objects. A UIScrollView will be used to display a UIButton and UIImageView on each “page”. This assignment will combine storyboard and programmatic interface design.

Project Setup

Sounds and Images


let name: String
let species: String
let age: Int
let image: UIImage
let soundPath: String
Animal: name = ?, species = ?, age = ?

View Controller


Tip: Note that the `contentSize` is an example of a property can only be modified programmatically (not in Interface Builder).


Tip: Calculating the correct text and alpha for the label can be accomplished in about four lines of code, although you may use more lines if you like.

App Icon


We will add your grade to your repository in a branch named “Grade.”