Session 10

Five Ten Thirty Developer Conf


Product Priorities

by Arnold Tate

Fantastic Table Views and How to Build Them

by Jillian Bush

We’re taking a deep dive into UITableView, your new BFF as an iOS developer. We’ll start off with a vanilla table view implementation and I’ll walk you through how to make the code cleaner, safer, and more reusable. Along the way, we’ll utilize enums, protocols, extensions, and generics.

Jillian is a Senior iOS Developer at Sittercity, where she builds and improves features that connect parents to babysitters. She has five years of professional experience developing iOS apps and she’s always in pursuit of the cleanest, most reusable Swift code. You can find her at a show, at the beach, or hanging out with her two cats.

How to get in the App Store: iOS Signing and Provisioning, Explained

by Jacob Van Order

Xcode now has the option to automatically manage the code signing and provisioning of your app in order to get on devices. But what happens if that goes wrong? This talk explains how Xcode and App Store Connect ensure that your app is legit and safe for users.

Jacob Van Order is a Senior iOS Developer at Etsy and cohost of NSCoder Chicago. With a background in Graphic Design, he learned programming by buying two books about iPhoneOS development ten years ago and it’s been a wild ride since.

Building Software in the Real World

by Kevin Donnelly

Building software in the real world can look at lot different than building software in a classroom. We’ll take a look at the compromises it might take to ship software (and where you shouldn’t compromise).

In another life, Kevin is still writing enterprise Java for banks/giant supermarket chains in Cincinnati. Luckily, the iPhone came out and changed all that. He had a Very Bad app in the App Store when it launched and since then he’s been a mobile developer at (failed) startups in Cincinnati and New York. Now in Chicago, he is manager of the mobile team at Reverb. Which hopefully will break the streak of failed startups.

Designers & Developers: The Dynamic Duo

by John Durkin

Designers and developers are two sides of the same coin and understanding how to leverage effective relationships between both disciplines leads to creative solutions and top tier products.

John Durkin is a Product designer from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. Over the past four years John has utilized a human centered design practice to create experiences that meet the needs of members within products such as the Blue Cross and Blue Shield mobile app and member website. Utilizing his graphic design background with the addition of a human centered framework, John focuses on designing experiences that are clear, intuitive, and delightful. With the “If you build it, they will come” type of mentality no longer being an effective strategy in today’s world, it is essential for a product to meet its users expectations through functionality and design.