Session 6


Assignment 4 is due Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 5:29pm.

Session Materials


Assignment 4 (Part 1)

Make a game using SpriteKit that is more fun to play than Pierre the Flying Penguin.

Commit all code to a branch called development and open a pull request into master to submit your assignment.


The game you build should showcase an introductory knowledge of SpriteKit and its main features. As a reference, a basic Flappy Bird clone would be an appropriate level of work for this assignment. There are numerous online tutorials that explain how to build various games with SpriteKit. You may start with one of these tutorials for inspiration, but you should clearly reference it in your README and explain how you improved or added to the code provided by the tutorial (for example, adding an extra level or more characters).

Keep in mind that for part 2 of this assignment, your game will need to have some way of tracking high scores. A score can be a number of points, a length of time, or whatever makes sense for your game.

If possible, try to test your game on a device.


You will not be graded on the artistic quality of your game. Feel free to use basic shapes rather than professional artwork. You’re also welcome to search the internet for free or cheap sprites to use in your game.

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